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Stoke Audi Suspension kit??

AndymacA4 Apr 13, 2009

  1. AndymacA4

    AndymacA4 Member

    Just seen this on Flea Bay


    It looks like a new suspenion upgrade package from Audi, this one appear to include 4 Audi shocks for £315, then it suggests that Springs are needed and will be fitted to vehicle weight.

    Anyone heard about this offer/package?

    Think I might need to investigate further.

    Any thoughts?
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    I dont understand how the shocks would lower the car if the standard springs were used, plus the weight of the different models is almost identical at 1800kg.

    The ride height is completely derived from the compressed spring height, not the shocks. If im wrong i will eat YOUR hat :)
  3. AndymacA4

    AndymacA4 Member

    I didn't quite get it either.

    It seems that this kit is just the 4 shocks, then you buy a set of springs to match your cars weight. I assume they will supply different spring weights for a diesel to a petrol?
    I don't know, will e-mail them and post findings.

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