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Stock HU w/aftermarket amp, speakers

Grier8 Sep 28, 2007

  1. Grier8

    Grier8 New Member


    I am looking to add aftermarket speakers, an amp, and possibly a sub to my 2000 Audi A6. I want to keep the stock HU (Symphony). I do not have a Bose setup in the car.

    I was wondering how hard it would be to add these components. Basically, what do I need to do to the HU to enable me to install the rest of the stuff? Is this something I could do by myself or is it better to get it professionally done. I used to be heavy into car audio but I've been out of the game for about 6 years... Also, do you think it is worth it? Or should I just bite the bullet and get a new HU.

    Any response would be greatly appreciated!
  2. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    the a6 is a lot easier to install in than most other audis but it does have its problems
    the speakers mount directly to the doorcard and will need seriously beefing up to get any improvement in midbass response
    so lots of sound deadening in the doors and some homemade baffles to attach the speakers to the doorcard

    id advise a sound deadening product called skinz along with generous amounts of dynamatt supreme this should help a long way to getting the sound you want
  3. Grier8

    Grier8 New Member

    Thanks for the feedback dualmono. I'm more concerned about what I would need to do in order for the HU to be able to handle an amp. I've heard the term LOC but have no idea what it means.
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    LOC is a line out converter - takes speaker outputs and convertes them down to pre-outs, you don't need this with the Audi HU's as they already have front & rear pre-outs. All you need is the Blaupunkt adapter, which plugs into the non standard preout connector on the back of the HU.

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