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Stock Headunit.

JoshG93 Feb 3, 2014

  1. JoshG93

    JoshG93 Member

    Hey, just after a little advice really. My 51' plate S3 has a Bose system in it. I've been quoted big-ish bucks to get a an aux port which requires me to have a phone kit, just for this privilege. Also it's started skipping CD's & I think it's approaching being knackered. My main question is, has anyone fitted an aftermarket head unit in? That incorporates well with the bose & preferably fits nice in the dash? Mine also has the 6 cd changer built in to the head unit if this makes a difference. Or is it too much hassle? Cheers!
  2. s3mad_dude

    s3mad_dude Noggies ruuuule!

    I haven't done it myself but if you do a search there's an adapter called a PC409 (or something like that) which means you can put in an aftermarket radio. The adapter ensures that the popping interference you would get with the Bose setup is reduced.
  3. Silky

    Silky Member

    I take it that if you don't have the BOSE in your A3, then you can just use any headunit and a wiring harness for it to work?

    Is there anything that allows the original CD Changer to still be used?

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