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Stock Boost on the 5000 Turbo

Mx6GT91 Aug 29, 2003

  1. Mx6GT91

    Mx6GT91 New Member

    Just wanted to know what the stock boost setting is on the 1988 5000 Turbo. Whats the max that the ECU will let you run, and whats the make that you can run safley.
  2. mike85

    mike85 New Member

    I would think in my opinion that the boost is really already set at the max for the ecu,I know even just upgrading the waste gate spring up to a 1.8 bar will start to mask the stock ecu's operation,not to mention there are a few other mods that should be done when doing this mod so the car is realiable too.It sucks sitting on the side of the road.



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