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Still lacking power and sounds like an old tractor! 1.9tdi aaarg!! Help!

skinflint Jan 16, 2013

  1. skinflint

    skinflint New Member

    This car is the biggest pain in the backside! It's a 2000 on an X plate 90bhp 60kw AHH model.
    I've had it to two garages - one of them an independent Audi specialist.
    It completely lacks power, really slow uphill, goes flat on the motorway. I can't over take - like at all because it just dies a death.
    When i first start up it's ok. The minute i change down a gear and then try to go back up - nothing - bang - flat as a pancake and the noise - bloody hell - it sounds really rough.
    I've had the turbo cleaned, i've had the sump cleaned out, new oil filter etc. I ran comma diesel detox through it and then put some comma diesel magic through the tank later on. I've bought an EGR blank plate but i'm not holding my breath - not had a chance to fit it yet cause of work.
    Strangely, it does slowly pick up to around 70ish in fifth gear and doesn't sound so bad. Only thing - after it's been running on the straight the bloody oil light flashes on.
    Audi garage said no codes visible - did flag something to do with fuel and asked if it had ever been run dry? I don't know - only had the car a couple of months. The fuel gauge doesn't work so it's possible i suppose (although the petrol light does come on when it's low) They suggested taking it to a diesel speciallist but they wanted big money i just am not willing to spend. I want to try to fix this car myself but i need it on the road every day for my work - i'm caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated. Hubbard wants me to get rid but i'm marginally obsessed - i hate something getting the better of me!! Thanks for reading
  2. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    Has the Fuel filter been replaced? How many miles has it done?
  3. ScottD3

    ScottD3 I want your faulty electronics Supporter Team V6 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8 Team Akoya TDi saloon

    Have you checked all the little rubber pipes from the turbo?
    My TDI went flat with no power and it turned out to be one of the pipes on the N75, so the turbo was not making any boost.

    When they took the sump off, did they take a look at the pick up pipe?
  4. skinflint

    skinflint New Member

    Hi and thanks for the replies! Yes - when the sump was cleaned out i asked them to check the pick - up - that was my primary concern - supposedly all done and tickety boo. The car is high mileage 185000. Thing is... for that glorious wee while when it's behavin - it pulls like a train and is a joy to drive...and then wham.. tractor's back!!
    I haven't changed the fuel filter yet - that's next on my to do list! I have tried to check all the hoses and assumed that the garages would have checked these as a matter of course..then again .. i suppose i know what 'assume' means!
    I really am stumped with the damned thing... my own fault for having a weakness for old clapped out motors i suppose! I just keep thinking that it's something really stupid and then it'll be running sweet and i can make it look the business - she really is quite ugly at the min - dodgy wing bubbles but hey - supposed to be my 'work in progress'!
  5. mad1980

    mad1980 New Member


    may be a maf fault they don't always show up on diagnostics if they are just out by abit
  6. Dimokslis

    Dimokslis Member

    As I understood they have not checked live parameters all they did is fault code reading. If you do proper diagnostic, they should help you more. Cause the MAF does not give fault code if it is failed. You have to open live parameters of MAF and read them while accelerating. It should go over 800 or so. If it does not you will know that it is MAFs fault.
    Have you checked air intake hoses?
  7. skinflint

    skinflint New Member

    Thanks to all who've replied.
    I nearly lost the plot entirely with her.... could not find anything obvious. Took it to another independent Audi garage in the end. The upshot of the saga is that the distributer injection pump is beginning to fail :sadlike:. The guy at the garage was brilliant - he's adjusted the setting for now but there's no telling how long it'll last (might last forever or it might just pack in altogether with no warning). A new part from VW is going to cost £1100. They've given me the part number so that i can try to locate one via Ebay etc.

    I'm really fed up - the worst bit is - for now she's driving absolutely great - i've fallen in love with this car all over again!

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