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Sticky ??? fuel gauge

octagon May 18, 2005

  1. octagon

    octagon Member

    I had my fuel warning light come on two weeks ago when the guage still showed quarter of a tank.I left it for a day or so and it didn't move down past quarter.I filled her up and the guage went back up tp full.Now its back to a quarter tank the feckin light has come on again.Anyone else had problems with false readings on the guage?This time it is coming down past the quarter and is just about in the red, but it has been about 3 days since the light came on.Should I trust the light or the guage?
  2. jorgemiranda

    jorgemiranda New Member

    I got that here. It keeps coming up and down. Any info on this?
  3. benk

    benk Member

    I had this when I let the level drop below 1/4. I usually fill up at 1/4 tank so I put it down to ****, etc, in the tank that might have confused the fuel-level sensor.
    At the time the needle went to full, empty, full, 1/4 and stayed on half or something like that.
    I filled up, gave it a bit of a thrashing (in case it might help?!) and it has been fine since. This was at least 6 months ago.
    I think the light and guage will always agree - but they could both be wrong, or could both be right! Fill it up (you can't go wrong by doing that) and see if the problem goes away.
  4. jorgemiranda

    jorgemiranda New Member

    I've had this problem for about three months and it's not going away. Does any one have a diagram of the whole fuel tank assembly?
  5. AL_B

    AL_B Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3 DSG

    Spooky. This has happened to my car this weekend!

    Mine was at 1/4 full, I filled up, and now its stuck on full, yet I have driven over 100 miles.

    Going to check for error codes with VAG-Com when I get home.

  6. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    I too have seen this, although my guage also moved around at times. The car went in under warranty and they changed both fuel senders. Apparently they have been revised or so i was told.
  7. I had similar problems a while back. The guage showed full until I had done around 100 miles (if only).

    The problem just went away after a couple of weeks though.
  8. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Fuel Level Sender? (at Tank)

    I know these are about as reliable as lets say, a coolant temperature sensor, MAF, water-pump, door-latch...............>>>

    My memory is a little hazy at the moment; but I'm sure I've heard stories of similar symptoms of needle and light not quite being in agreement over the quantity of fuel in the tank when a tank sender problem was found...

    Most of the people I know who've had the fault got it rectified under warranty; but IIRC it isn't a majorly expensive task if, like me, an Audi Warranty is something that's a few years off for you.


  9. jpda4

    jpda4 Member

    im living with this problem and have done since january

    i had the sender unit replace twice last year under warrenty..... within a month.

    original 1 worked full to 1/2 tank, left it with dealer when i had a few days holiday expecting it
    to be fixed on my return BUT as soon as i got in the car i was welcomed by the beeeep so they
    replaced the replacement, that lasted until january this year, as im out of warrenty i live with it,
    fill up every 330miles to be on the safe side
    i also get a dancing needle when it hot, so mine could be an instrument panel fault
    looks good in the dark with just the needles illuminated flickering side to side

    regarding expense i was told about 300 by independant will look into this again

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