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Stg2+ Flat Spots

LukeHS3 Oct 13, 2010

  1. LukeHS3

    LukeHS3 Member

    just had the itg intake installed ive put heatwrap all over it and have a cold air feed coming from the foglight..

    also just had a full 3" exhaust fitted and stg2+ software with hpfp..

    car is absouletly flying.. but sometimes usually starting after 3rd gear im getting some nasty on and off flatspots above 5k doesnt always seem to do it.. but what would you recommend looking into?

    not long had new coils and plugs fitted about 2k miles ago (standard ones) and just had an oil and filter change a few miles ago...

    oh and the revo settings are boost 9/ fuel 6 and timing 6.. what do you think of this?

    Already have a forge dv with yellow spring aswell

  2. phil76

    phil76 Active Member

    From been round at Statller i know a lot of Revo cars they have dyno'd have all had there boost set on 9 when they come in an using all there boost too early down the rev range,which may feel quicker on the road but when they finely tuned the settings with various runs and adjustments the cars were making there power through out the rev range a lot better and holding there boost curve till later on the graph,might not be the problem of course if thats the fiqures you have always had it set on,also if not doing it all the time it could be a bad batch of fuel
  3. heeman10

    heeman10 Audi driver since Dec 08

    Do S3's have gear-limited boost? I wonder if the high boost setting is occasionally causing the knock sensor to rein things in a bit, feeling like flat spots?
  4. antonio87

    antonio87 Member

    Not sure if its the same thing but i know when i had my car remapped i had flat spots between 2000-3000 rpm. gave the chaps a call took it back and they found it was a problem with the map, the car retarded. they sorted out the map and no more problems.
    like i said not sure if its the same but just giving my 2 pence worth

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