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Stereo wiring help needed!!

A3-Liam Nov 22, 2013

  1. A3-Liam

    A3-Liam New Member

    My rear speakers and factory sub have not worked since I bought the car so i thought I would try find the problem. After removing the rear sub box and opening it up to check the soldering it seemed fine. I then removed my head unit to find this!!



    Has anyone got any ideas as to what wire goes where? Do I need the special adapter? I am guessing all the loose wires are from the red plug and one of them is the signal wire to the amp.
  2. JoeeS3

    JoeeS3 Active Member

    they're not from the red plug thats for sure they would have been connected to another plug which powered the rear speakers i think. will check for you and let you know

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