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Stereo Help

Jimmer111 Jul 5, 2011

  1. Jimmer111

    Jimmer111 New Member

    Well, i have been doing a lot of research and i am finally getting to the bottom of things. I want to install a Parrott MKi9000 into my 2004 A4 sport, the main reason for the music capabilities, now i have a concert system with bose so that obviously throws up issues... My question though is how do i know if i have a fully amplified or partly amplified system? This seems to make a difference to what conection lead i will need.

    Also can't find how to get the headunit out if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano

    I think the BOSE system is fully amplified.

    You will need some keys to remove the stereo like these: RADIO REMOVAL KEYS/TOOLS FOR AUDI/VW/SEAT/BECKER CAR STEREOS: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike

    The keys go into the 2 slots at the bottom of the stereo. Sometimes the stereo doesnt want to come out with the keys, so you can remove the glovebox (its only 6 8mm bolts, 3 inside the glovebox and 3 underneath) and push the stereo from behind with the keys in.
  3. itsmeagain

    itsmeagain 1.8T Sport Cabriolet

    I had exactly the same issue when I attempted to fit a Parrot Mki9200 to my previous car, 2001 TT with the amplified stereo. I contacted a company called Just car Kits, located in Slough. I ordered the wiring loom for my car which cost £100, I still couldn't get it to work properly so drove down and had the bloke fit it for me. In the end he needed to change a bit of the wiring for it to work fully, I ended selling the car a few months later so removed it anyway. I still have the complete loom available if you need it mate, I would give them a call mate as they are very helpful.

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