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Stereo help (Non Bose)

Jolepatrol Apr 8, 2012

  1. Jolepatrol

    Jolepatrol Member

    I'm reading a post from another site and I'm confused as to what it means by grounding the Bose wire.

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    • In Bose form, you are of course a victim of the Bose equalizations that are built into the Bose oem amplifier itself. You can decide for yourself if that's good or bad. I don't have the Bose system so I can't comment. However, the good news here is that when the head unit is in Bose mode, the signal sent out of the head unit is flat and unmolested. There is no bass bump like the non-Bose mode. This means that you can avoid the “audio compression” bass bump issue by putting the head unit in Bose mode.

      So how do you get the head unit in Bose mode? By grounding the Bose pin. There is a secondary ground pin actually labeled Bose on the power connector for the head unit. You can verify this by looking at the connector pin layout on the top of the head unit itself.


    What is the wire connected to in the first place? Also can I just splice into it and by grounding does it mean that I can connect it to the ground wire coming out the back of the HU as well? I'm just wondering how a grounded wire changes the sound, but if anyone can help me out a bit here I'd be grateful.

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