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stereo fitting help

spencer-s3 Dec 16, 2010

  1. spencer-s3

    spencer-s3 2nd gear

    ive just spoiled my self a bought a alpine IDA 350s :yum:

    but i have no clue on what is needed to fit in my car its a audi s3 2001 facelift, with audi symphony double din. Audi Symphony I | Erta

    thinks i can work out how to remove it but cant find a kit to make it to a single din & not sure what cables i need for sub & arial..

    please help boys:keule:
  2. Faz1.8Tquattro

    Faz1.8Tquattro New Member

    I think you're better off taking your car to an in car audio specialist. I had double din symphony system in my car but apparently you can not buy a double din to single din converter off the shelf. I've tried to source one before mate but no luck.

    The guys I took my car to had to make one up with MDF and fibreglass. Looks pretty standard though but expect to pay about £300 for the privilage!

    Hope that helps.
  3. spencer-s3

    spencer-s3 2nd gear

    ok thanks for quick reply, im sure ive read on here that the one for the A4 fits with a little bit of sanding on the edges any one tried this ? they do look similar.
  4. dany2k

    dany2k Member

    hi mate,
    i'm going off experience on a double-din i had on a toyota celica. you slip the single din into the existing double din cage, and get a stereo-sized storage slot where you can store CDs etc like I did: I think any independent audio store can supply one of those.

    hope it helps!

  5. Andy123

    Andy123 Member

    The newer model s3 double din adapter fits with some modification. I have used it for my double din alpine. You need to trim down the sides and then add a piece at the top. Just mark the sides out and sand away bit by bit until you get the shape and then build the top gap up with some fibreglass and then either smooth it down for paint or use some gloss black wrap over it to match it with the original black trim. Takes a bit of time to do right but will cost far less than £300 to get someone to make one and if done right will look like it was a standard part on the car.

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