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Stereo Advice Needed.

B-maca Jul 20, 2008

  1. B-maca

    B-maca New Member

    Just wanted some advice/help in setting up some new sound gear in my 1998 1.8T A3. I have read various threads regarding upgrading to aftermarket sound equipment from the ‘non Bose’ and ‘Bose’ systems, but after many hours searching around I have not been able to find really any information at all regarding the ‘eurovox 8790’ head units that Audi Australia decided to use.
    It also appears that Audi Australia removed the ‘Tupperware subwoofer/amp’ in our model A3, or maybe they just forgot to put it in my car:haha:, so this leads to my second question, are all the speakers in my car run off the head unit directly, as I have looked high and low including the cubby holes and there is no trace of any amp.
    Next question, now if I am just planning on adding a basic 2 channel amp and sub into my car, are there any adaptors/hi-low filters that I will need to use to complete my installation? I do realise I will have to probably pull out my HU to see exactly is running out of it, I also have a sony 10 stacker cd player which was I believe was installed when the car was bought new (I am the second owner, hence my uncertainty), and I have been told that if upgrade to my HU to an aftermarket one, I won’t be able to use my existing CD stacker, is this true?
    I will try to post some pictures up in the next few days of what I am trying to explain. Any help would be much appreciated.

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