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steering wheel

zorro Feb 26, 2008

  1. zorro

    zorro New Member

    Hi does any knoiw if i can change my steering wheel n arms for the new b7 models, so i can have vol n changer on the wheel that will work with the in car sat nav, n the arms to get more function on the dash.. is this possible ??
  2. chris_20

    chris_20 Member

    Does your original steering wheels have the stereo controls on it?it can be done cause someone on the audizine has done it
  3. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    It can be done but its a little dodgy if you ask me. The B7 multi-function steering wheel uses a twin igniter to set it off whereas the B6 only has one. I think people who have fitted the B7 unit have joined the wiring together for the 2 igniters to get round this issue but the only way to test if this does actually work is to set it off, and i've not yet come across anyone who's actually done this!! Technically speaking if you had an accident and ended up headbutting the steering wheel causing yourself injury because your airbag didnt deploy then i'd doubt your insurance would see this as a good thing!! Personally speaking i'd rather not take the risk. You'd probably even be safer crashing a Nissan Navara!!!

    What dash functions were you after by the way? If you want cruise control & DIS you can still have these without the need for the multi-function steering wheel.
  4. sionie1

    sionie1 New Member

    A bit off topic, but not much... I want to also add a multifunction to my 04 cab, but the local stealer has told me not to bother as it might cause all sorts of issues. Has anyone done this, and if so the obvious question is.. any issues?

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