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Steering wheel woe!

jedidan Sep 11, 2009

  1. jedidan

    jedidan New Audi Owner Usually a Biker

    I'm a brand new Audi A4 owner, so please... be gentle! I'm more of a motorbike man, but who can resist this car! I have just bought a second hand 1.8i SE, with the black leather and chrome interior. I prefer the black and chrome steering wheel to the black leather one it currently has, is it possible to change this over, and if so, where can I get the replacement wheel? Any clues would be much appreciated! If it was for a Yamaha, I'd know what I was doing! (Not that you commonly find a steering wheel on a motorbike... but hey, it could be the future!)

    Thanks all!

    :blackrs4: :thrashi:
  2. Geeman

    Geeman Low Life

    Welcome to the forum Dan...

    I'd look through Ebay for any Audi steering wheels that may tickle your fancy... probably the best bet IMHO

    Alternatively, there may be a member that is breaking a Sport or something like that.
  3. jedidan

    jedidan New Audi Owner Usually a Biker

    Yeah, first place I looked! Plenty of steering wheels identical to the one I have! Just my luck! Cheers Geeman!
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    What style of wheel do you currently have? Probably a 4 spoke one with the audi rings sunk into the airbag?

    I presume its the three spoke sport wheel your looking for to replace it?

    Theres quite a bit of cross over between the models so for example a steering wheel from an A3 or A6 might well fit your car, which widens the search scope a little.

    ISTR there may be two different fitments though, so i'd double check anything your going to buy with folk on here first!

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