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Steering U-Joint Query

Geoff-R Jun 20, 2012

  1. Geoff-R

    Geoff-R Member

    I've had a bit of a problem with my steering since my subframe was dropped whilst the steering u-joint was still connected. The subframe dropped enough for the u-joint to separate from the rack while the bolt was still holding it on to the rack. Since it was put back together the steering has been lumpy (goes tight then normal, tight then normal, you get the idea). I've tried to narrow down this lumpiness and I think I may have finally got it down to the u-joint as I have played around with it and managed to make the lumpiness less noticeable but it's still there.

    My query is would I suffer lumpy steering from my u-joint? Has anyone ever had to replace one for this reason?

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