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Steering Rack??

colinurquhart Jun 28, 2009

  1. colinurquhart

    colinurquhart Member

    Whilst changing so arms on my 1.8se avant noticed my steering rack is leaking. Has anyone changed one of these before?
  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    ^^^Yes, I have, and must confess, it's an extremely unpleasant task.

    Brake servo and battery tray need to be removed, to gain access to the 2 multi-spline bolts in the scuttle area. There's an extra one that has to be removed from underneath (drivers' side). Brake servo only needs to be moved within the constraints of the rigid brake pipes, to be able to reach the multi-spline bolt on that side, that's screwed from the scuttle downwards into the rack.

    Undo steering column-to-rack spline from inside the car - involves standing on your head in the footwell.

    Most awkward part is removing the rack with the high-pressure and return hoses still attached, after disconnecting the high-pressure hose from the rack, and the return from the PAS resovoir. Fiddly, but better than trying to gain access to the banjo fittings on the rack, while it's in situ. Best to fit the pipes back onto the new rack BEFORE it's bolted in place.

    Of course, both track rod ends need to be removed - try marking the position of the ends on your old rack before removal, and use the exposed threads as a rough guide when transferring them to your new unit, or if fitting new ones. You'll still need to get your steering geometry checked and adjusted, but at least, the car will be driveable.

    The rack comes out through the drivers' side wheel arch. Mine's leaking too, and need to replace it, I have a new one ready, but not going to wrestle with it till I'm doing my engine transplant. A lot easier with an empty bay.

    Good luck with the replacement!
  3. colinurquhart

    colinurquhart Member

    cheers siena that gives me a good insight to what i could be letting myself in for because i'm assuming the garage would charge a small fortune
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes I paid best part of £800 at a good VAG specialist when mine needed doing, that did include a reconned rack, but most of it was labour, they did say at the time that it was a bitch of a job.

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