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steering rack...please help...16000 km

shamrock Jun 3, 2010

  1. shamrock

    shamrock Member

    Hi I am new to an audi and new to this great forum. There are only 13 S3's where I come from so the mechanics are not so familiar. I've had the car for the last 4000 km of its total 16000. Ive always noticed a slight rattle from the front end when going over uneven road surfaces and I believe the rattle has gotten worse recently. I had a mechanic (not audi authorized) look over the car quickly. Firstly, when the steering wheel is moved back and forth (only a 3 cm wiggle) from any position I feel and hear a clunking noise. This only happens when the car is turned on. When holding the tire and moving the steering wheel back/forth the clunk is felt more pronounced in the left tire. The mechanic (only looked a couple minutes) feels that the steering rack is shot; however, I have yet to bring it to the audi garage. The car has only 16000 km and I think the noise has been around a long time! The car has always been driven with extreme car and no agressivness. I dont even speak the language here and a new rack costs about 4000 $. The car is three years old and no longer under warrantee. Can anyone help me I am going tomorrow morning to the dealer and then I am on duty for a month. Any clue as to whether this is a known problem. Can anyone give me some technical links!! Thanks

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