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Steering noise

Blackcupraa Nov 3, 2010

  1. Blackcupraa

    Blackcupraa Member Team Ibis VCDS Map User Audi S3

    Hi People of ASN,

    2 things may be related but doubtful.

    When steering right I get a strange metallic almost graunching noise, this generally happens at 15-25ish MPH on roundabouts or when turning into a parking spot. It appears to be coming from the drivers side of the car / front middle of the car.

    Also when selecting reverse and raising the clutch I get another metallic / binding noise for half a second or so.

    Brakes dont appear to be binding as no noise from them whilst driving etc.

    Car is a 1999 S3 APY.

    Any ideas / things to look for?
  2. S3KO4

    S3KO4 Member

    I would say your drive belt could be the cause. obvious one would be checking the fluid level. but the drive belt on the power steering pump could have an effect if its too old! hope this helps. check for crack on it.

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