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Steel Rims, will they fit ??

Diesel Dan Oct 11, 2007

  1. Diesel Dan

    Diesel Dan New Member

    I would like to fit a set of Winter tyres to my 2004 A4 quattro. Picked up a secondhand set of Audi 15" steel rims at a car boot sale. They fit onto my wheel hubs OK, but I am concerned that the rim offset may be wrong for my car. ( I do not want to scrub of the rubber to quickly ! ).

    The steel rims are 6J x 15" with ET 45 offset. Planning to fit 195 x 65 x 15" tyres. My owners manual states that a 6.5J x 15" rim ( 195 x 65 tyre )has an offset off 33mm.

    Anyone know if this difference will matter. Would like to keep my 16" alloy rims ( standard tyres are 205 x 55 x 16" ) in the garage over the winter. they spread a lot of salt on the roads where I live.

    John :think:
  2. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Been thinking this myself so over the winter months my alloys remain safe.
  3. Diesel Dan

    Diesel Dan New Member

    I have went ahead and fitted the steel rims to my car. Bought a set of Kleber winter tyres from " Mytyres.co.uk " and fitted them myself.

    My car is more comfortable to drive now ( 65 aspect ratio compared with the original of 55 ). The handling is good and no fouling of the tyres on bodywork or brake pipes.

    Hope I get some snow sometime to try out the quattro drive with winter tyres !!

    John :thumbsup:

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