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Stealth Tax

pure Dec 3, 2003

  1. pure

    pure Member

    Any one know trye this email is i recieved?

    Subject: FW: Speed Cameras

    The new electronic signs on the M6 were switched on this
    The bad news is that they are rigged with the SPECS speed
    cameras. This probably
    applies to all the new signs being installed on the M62, M60
    and M56. SPECS
    is a computer-camera based system.
    As you go past the sign a digital camera reads your number
    When you go past the next sign your number plate is read again.
    The computer 'knows'
    how far apart the signs are so it can work out your average
    speed between the two, or three or four.
    The system is fully automatic and will issue a ticket without
    any form of human intervention. It does this for every single
    vehicle that passes. You will not know you have been caught as
    the cameras don't flash. They work 24/7, 365 days a year, and
    theoretically, there's absolutely no

    limit on the number of tickets that the system can issue. The
    whole section of the M6 between Knutsford and Preston is wired,
    both ways. The system is set to trigger a ticket at 78MPH.
    (Don't take this as a guarantee) Radar detectors will be of no
    use as SPECS is entirely passive, there is no laser beam to

    Be warned and spread the news!
  2. ooooaudi

    ooooaudi Member

    i recived this mail the otther day also !!
  3. AlexStanley

    AlexStanley Member

    I got this mail a while a go, except M6 was replaced with M4.

    This is the response from the Association of British Drivers ( http://www.abd.org.uk ):

    M4 SPECS Rumour False

    Another silly rumour is being circulated about SPECS speed cameras being hidden in new message signs on the M4 between J12 and J14. The Highways Agency have advised us that this is not true. The signs are merely linked to sensors that monitor overall traffic speed in order to activate the warning signs.

    A similar rumour was circulated earlier this year relating to such signs on the M4 in South Wales. There is a growing suspicion that these rumours are being deliberately engineered by anti-car groups.
  4. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    Hey guys, I know the person who issued this e-mail, it was from a guy at British Aerospace in Horwich.

    Yes the Specs are a pain In the butt.

    Don't like GPS detectors, however I like the look of the Bel Euro 550 (Shall I buy One?)

  5. AlexStanley

    AlexStanley Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    DaveA3Turbo said:
    Hey guys, I know the person who issued this e-mail, it was from a guy at British Aerospace in Horwich.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    With all due respect, Dave, I doubt you do - this email has been doing the rounds for months, first starting in South Wales on the M4, then the M4 corridor in Reading and now the M6 up by you.

    On the Association of British Drivers website (www.abd.org.uk) they suspect the email is being generated by anti-car organisations - does your guy in Horwich subscribe to one of those?
  6. MOSSY

    MOSSY Member



    I have the Bell 550 and its a good piece of kit. I know it wont detect the specs but they are hard to miss with those orange back grounds and you get a couple of hundred yards to slow down and correct your speed. so for me they are not a problem.
  7. David, if you want a big screen GPS system then try the road pilot - road pilot

    And if you're against stealth taxes and want to do something about it then you can start HERE
  8. audi_girl

    audi_girl Active Member

    This is where the Road Angel is fitted on my car - you can see it's not that obtrusive.

    THe other thing near it is the holder for the ipaq (GPS Navigation!!!!)

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