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  1. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    just wanting to show my appreciation for the guy's at statller in Sheffield had my car service there this morning and they did a top job
    as part of the service the fuel filter needed replacing but the screw has rotted away that holds the bracket in place and seen as it's a Saturday drilling it ain't an option :no:
    so he called me over to show me the problem.
    can't see any other garage doing this let alone an Audi dealership they would have just claimed they had changed it and charged me for it!

    Car's been booked in with statller for cam belt,water pump and tensioner change in august when it's due so he's gonna sort fuel filter out for me then:o.k:

    oh and i was informed that they are getting a dyno installed in the next few weeks

    so anyone that is after any work doing in the sheffield area i highly recommend STATLLER
  2. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    going to use them for my next performance upgrade...look fwd to it

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