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Starting problem a3 2.0 tdi and DSG box

cammy104 Dec 19, 2013

  1. cammy104

    cammy104 Member

    Had my car a few months now and whenever the car is cold it turns over for quiet a while then it starts. Once it starts it's fine then once warm it starts first time. It's never not started but it's starting to annoy me now. Also with my DSG box when I put it in reverse and put the throttle on straight away there's nothing there then after a second or two it like bangs into gear so was wondering if anyone has experienced either.
  2. Geraldy212

    Geraldy212 Sportback owner

    Cammy, first of all I would have your battery load-tested. Any decent garage or battery shop will do this for you. Better get this sorted before the really cold weather kicks in. There is a possibility that you will need a new starter if the battery checks out OK. There are many threads on this, so just make a search. The starter motor failing to give a good start is a well known problem on the A3. On the DSG box, when selecting reverse, there is indeed a delay before the clutch engages. Not quite sure why they did this, but it is there. If you have reverse-assist, then do what I do and don't give it any throttle until after you hear the beep. If no reverse assist, then just be patient and give it a few seconds for the clutch to engage. Good luck.

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