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Starting out, Help needed for newbie

benclothier Apr 12, 2013

  1. benclothier

    benclothier New Member

    hello everybody,

    i have had my 2006 A3 2.0 tdi S line for around 9 months and love it. its my first car and i cant have hoped for a better one. However i have recently been reading the posts on here and finally decided to take the plunge and start customising my little mate.
    now im a complete novice to car modding but have read a little into it and came up with rough plan of what i fancy doing with it. most of which wont be fitted by myself for various reasons.

    firstly, im booked into a german specialist 2moro for a tune up due to a shuddering at idle which disappears when the air -con is turned on (strange eh? ;) we have spoken about re-mapping it while im there but im having second thoughts. so my 1st question is...

    With 81k on the 138bhp 2.0 TDI, is it a big risk to remap it? Am I getting ahead of myself?

    ANY help with this before i go will be greatly appreciated.

    anyway heres my list so ANY input is greatly welcomed.

    Stage 1 (Repairs)

    - Alloy Wheel Refurb - £280-300
    - Driver side door arm rest - £?
    - Paint Chips - £?
    - Dent in bumper - £?
    - Right spot

    Stage 2 (Mods)

    - S3 Aluminium Pedals and dead pedal plate - £70
    - Chrome air vents - £100ish
    - Remap stage 1 - £350
    - New Gear knob & leather - £50-£75
    - Cruise control fitting - £200
    - DLR LED lights - £?
    - s3 aluminium mirrors
    - Rear window tints
    - chrome exhaust tip
    - exhaust silencer removed
    - interior LED lights
    - new entertainment head
    - chrome switches (possibly)

    Cheers :)
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Hi and welcome

    Don't know how old you are but as it's your first car I assume you are fairly young ?

    There are loads on here who will help you out with the detailed stuff but my comment is purely that before you start to think of re-mapping please bear in mind that you will need to inform your insurance company of the change. Now, depending on your circumstances and insurance company, this may not effect your premium but it is something you need to be aware of.

    If you do not inform them then technically if you have a problem they may decide to invalidate your policy which could have all sorts of repercussions.

    Some on here may say just go for it and hope for the best, and that you may decide to do, but as long as you are aware of the possible pitfalls then you are at least armed with the facts!

    Finally, it may help you if you do a search as there are many threads on the forum about remaps. :icon_thumright:
  3. Mikemc

    Mikemc Scooby Slayer VCDS Map User

    Hi mate I'm sure the shuddering when aircon on or off is flywheel related? Just do a search about it
  4. Mikemc

    Mikemc Scooby Slayer VCDS Map User

    And in regards to a remap. Check out blacksmoke.co.uk they get top reviews and are a DIY map costing no more than 70 including a cable , doing mine myself very soon
  5. southylad

    southylad Active Member

    nothing wrong with remapping at 85k mate i had 110k on my 140 tdi s line sportback when i had it mapped and well happy with the results made a big difference, also alloy referb should be about £50 a corner, and my rear limo tint cost £150 and is mint
  6. benclothier

    benclothier New Member

    cheers for the info lads. i had read a few places that the insurance company cant detect it if you do remap it, however i am the type of person who likes to keep on the level so i may just tell them.

    and ty mike for the info, i am 26 but quite new to posting and quite excited about what i can do to my car (that why i write like a 12yo) lol anyway i will search for a few things but i already have my pedals ordered from ebay. it appears to be fiddly but well worth it and the guide on here seemed very good

    cheers again


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