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Starter Motor removal 1.9 tdi manual

scottdougall Nov 21, 2012

  1. scottdougall

    scottdougall New Member

    Hello all.
    Been a member on here for a while and read a lot of stuff be never really posted till now.
    Basically the car wont start, there is a click as the solenoid engages but no power being taken from the battery, battery is fine so my think was mabe a lose connection to the starter motor. Unfortunately this doesn’t look to be the case so Im planning on taking the starter motor out. The car is a 1.9tdi manual, my Haynes states a fairly simple removal process. However after reading some forum stuff it looks like the front clip has to be pulled forward into the service position to gain access. Is this true, also if it maters it has a/c so the compressor for that is also clogging up the area.

    Cheers Scott
  2. simon.m

    simon.m Active Member

    i did mine about 2 years back and i just took it out did not even bother to look into if i had to put any thing into service position or not lol just disconnected the battery and undid the 3 bolts on the starter motor and pulled it out no probs at all. mine is a 52 plate tdi
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012
  3. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    As above really easy to do can be a pain to wiggle out if you don't do it right
  4. scottdougall

    scottdougall New Member

    thanks boys, for any one reading this in the future. as above really very simple if a little mucky,

    undo two bolts from behind the crossmember holding the starter in plac.
    maneuver the motor around to gain access to remove the wires from in front of the cross member .
    then maneuver final to remove from behind crossmember.

    Yet to reinstall but in true Haynes style. Do the above in revers!! O and take the battery off.

    Thanks again

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