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Starter motor problem?

Discussion in 'A3/S3 Forum (8L Chassis)' started by imported_Daren_28, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I'm mechanically inept but think I have a problem with my starter motor (On a 2000 1.8TS). Sometimes when starting the car after the engine has actually started there's a screeching/grinding kinda noise that continues for a second or two. A friend thinks it's the starter motor not releasing properly? Is there owt I can do? It doesn't happen all the time and there doesn't appear to be a pattern.

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  3. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator
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    Oct 13, 2003
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    sounds like it could be one of the belts slipping. After you give it a rev does it go away?

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