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Start button - hard to the floor clutch pedal problem

Scruffy May 22, 2011

  1. Scruffy

    Scruffy Member

    Anyone know how to adjust the point where my S5 will start up. I'm having to almost put the pedal through the floor of the car to get it to work!

    Thanks people
  2. iwBen

    iwBen Be Gentle VCDS Map User

    Hm that's weird. Must say though I'm pretty sure I press my clutch all the way to the floor when I start it up, so I'll take a look tomorrow and see if there's any leeway with it.

    Assuming this is a cross-model issue of course, I don't have an S5 :bye:
  3. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Active Member Audi A5 Audi A1

    I had that experience in a 2.0 TFSI Cab that had as courtesy for a week - took me ages to get it started and ended up pulling the seat forward and had to almost bury the clutch pedal in the floor (only done £2k miles as well!).
  4. TimJK

    TimJK Member

    had this prob, realised my foot was touching down and the pedal wasn't because of the shape of the floor, push ur toes out lol! audi mate says same thing.
  5. zytec

    zytec New Member

    Just to add some experience, just had an S5 in with similar issue, apparently its wear in the clutch release bearing / or (throwout bearing if you are American), and the Audi dealer fix is a replacement clutch, which is major expense. Fine if it's warranty or goodwill but unless the clutch is faulty in other ways sticking slipping very stiff etc there is a simple fix to the starting issues. Because of the wear in the release bearing the slave cylinder is running out of travel before the clutch pedal is getting to the end stop so not trigging the engine start switch. .

    The switch has other functions and is a sealed unit, so no physical moving parts on the outside so is likely magnetically trigged by something inside the master cylinder. Anyway the fix is simply to lengthen the slave cylinder push rod so it has more piston travel. As a test I just used a small nut between the rod and the piston but later just cut and lengthened the rod by 5mm. car now starts with pedal about half inch from fully down, rather than having to press it through the bulk head like before to get it to start.

    Remember this is a get it useable fix and at some future point the clutch, (or at very least release bearing), will require replacement at kidney selling cost, so if you can get the proper fix and or it's under warranty don't mess with it but get Audi to do it free..

  6. r33busaman

    r33busaman New Member

    Hello all audi s5 owners with this OBVIOUS audi design flaw. I have inexpensive fix for this issue. If you want to contact me at r33busaman at aol . You are looking at 200.00 with part shipped, but once I have your core part, I will refund 100.00. It will take a mechanic about 15 min to do install. and you will see IMMEDIATE change. If you are willing to send YOUR core and wait 2 days for change to be made and sent back, I will not change you a core. Realize you will not be able to drive your S5 while part is out. thx!
  7. r33busaman

    r33busaman New Member

    To update prior ad, at this time, I am charging 200.00. with the time spent on the phone with explaining the problem; convincing people this fix works; then doing it all over again with their mechanic; then going to post office; then the time on the phone with tech explaining what he'll need to do; not including the time going to the machinist and paying him and my time going there and waiting.... WELL, it's just more time consuming that 100.00 is worth. I still guarantee it works, and will refund ALL monies, if my part doesn't fix issue. I will still require your part in exchange. But, you will get to try my part FIRST, to make sure it works correctly, beforehand. Your clutch does NOT need to be replaced.... I have had a 100% success rate, helping people.

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