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Star Performance Testing Day – Pt2 Samco Hoses

Ess_Three Feb 19, 2004

  1. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    The factual bit:

    I spent many hours down at Star Performance yesterday…12 hours in fact (08:45-20:45) having a play…testing a few things, having a load of work done, trying out a few things etc.

    Firstly, thanks to Jim & Brian…12 hours and two meals later we were all knackered!
    Credit where it’s due…anyone looking for decent service, advice and standard of work could do a lot worse than giving them a shout.

    Secondly, none of this was free…labour rates, wheel alignment rates, dyno time, replacement parts…all paid for out of my pocket...I have the invoice for over £900 to prove it!!

    Thirdly, these are our (mine, Jim’s and Brian’s) observations based upon our findings. All testing carried out with conditions kept as close to previous conditions as possible etc…some will disagree violently, some will agree…that’s your prerogative.

    So, off we go:

    I've recently fitted a full set of Samco Hoses...the two upper turbo hoses supplied in their kit foir the S3 / TT, the Forge / Samco turbo inlet hose and all of the pipework for my FMIC set up also now uses full Samco hoses.


    So...did they make any power? No.

    Were there any changes at all? Yes.

    The boost is now sitting at an average peak boost pressure of 1.70 bar...prior to fitting the hoses etc I was sitting at around 1.65 bar peak average.

    A huge gain...no. But a slight gain - and a gain non the less.

    We dyno'd this 3 or 4 times to verify these figures...no peak power gains as expected really..but the slight increase in torque (as much as 10 lb-ft) was obvious....average torque is now 310 lb-ft than 300 lb-ft as it was previously.

    Standard hoses expanding slightly? Possibly...
    Samco TIP letting more air in and hence more to compress? Possibly...

    Oh, and that boost is high for an S3!! ...so if you are not running 1.7 bar ish of peak boost, you are NOT getting the 300 lb-ft of torque that some people have dyno charts saying they have...it's simply not possible. Boost is directly proportional to torque.

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