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Standard S3 suspension

AndyM Jun 3, 2006

  1. AndyM

    AndyM Member

    Ive been considering uprating the shocks on my S3 but keeping the standard springs. I have had issues with some stupidly large speed bumps on the way to work and im currently happy with the cars appearance which is why I dont really want to lower it at all.
    Im finding the ride a bit harsh and crashy at times, I've had the car 5 years since new so maybe its getting worse im not sure.

    Do the paint marks on the springs represent different rates or something else, ive got 1x white & 1x pink and I cant find this combination anywhere in ETKA although the code for shocks lines up with std S3. If there are different rates what part number/paint codes do they match up to, ie softer, harder springs.

  2. Buster

    Buster Member

    I'd also be interested in this if anyone has an answer
  3. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    There was an option of Audi GmbH sports suspenion, but I think that was only available in Europe. Paul-S3 has it on his car.

    I had pink and white spots on my springs, not sure if it really means anything....

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