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stalls in heavy rain

pd130 Dec 31, 2012

  1. pd130

    pd130 Member

    hey,, i am the proud owner of a b6 1.9 tdi that does not like the rain

    symptoms when raining the car has an eratic idle,,stalls jumps and splutters,, mpg goes down alot

    mechanic said the mafsensor is fouled after connecting to a vagcom

    replaced maf sensor from gsf genuine bosh one, deleted codes ,, perfect for 2 weeks until we had a downpour

    back to mechanic connected to vagcom again the codes for mafsensor showing

    has anybody similar problems
  2. dale86

    dale86 Member

    Had a similar problem on my car can exsplain what was wrong with it exactly but had something to do with the EGR valve been nacked and EGR solenoid getting wet when raining or washing car hope this helps.

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