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Stage 1 Remap at AMD - My Experience

ritmark Jun 4, 2005

  1. ritmark

    ritmark Member

    Just returned from AMD and thought I would share my experiences

    First impressions - good outfit, nice showroom and after asking Ed what seemed like 74 questions he took my keys and left me to enjoy kids TV on the plasma.

    One and a half hours later - Ed standing there waving the keys asking me to take it for a spin

    Back in the car - turn it over - no noticeable noise difference - moving away no difference. Around 2700/2800 RPM it felt like I had a little extra power. On the dual carriageway/motortway , here is where I noticed the difference. The only way I can describe it is to say 4,5 and 6th gears seem to increase your speed without much noticeable difference to the bum in seat feeling. Much Much quicker particularly from 70 upwards (to whatever speed I may have done /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif) without that wow feeling I was kind of expecting
    Overtaking much easier and I had that 'just bought an S3 and its fun to pull away from cars on the motorway feeling' again after two and a half years of owning her

    I was concerned beforehand about the extra noise which is not at all apparent and whether or not the car would handle the extra power - but all seems ok touch wood

    Overall my experience of AMD was very positive and if I had to sum up the stage 1 in one word I would say 'subtle' - nothing amazing but a much better car at speed for motorways or overtaking.

    Maybe I sound down about it but perhaps thats because it looks as though me and the missus are splitting up this weekend after 8 years so I dont know if my lack of enthusiasm may be a little to do with that but hey I'm pleased with the Mod.

    Performance figures

    Beforehand 218 BHP
    Afterwards 268 BHP

    I had it rolling roaded few weeks back - twice in fact and they registered 212 and 214 BHP so I am not sure how accurate the results are but I seem to have gained 50BHP and about 55 on the torque

    Final thought - they mentioned my DV was on the oppostite way around - inlet / outlet - apparenlty this changes the way the engine perfomrs slightly and although Ed said it wasnt a problem he recommended I turn it around - any thoughts anyone ?

    Final, Final thought - thanks to Jedi for arranging the group buy
  2. When I bought my DV, the instructions in the box recommended installing it the opposite way around to the OE one... can't remember why, I just did it! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  3. I've had my remap nearly two weeks now and it still thrills me.

    That said, sometimes I also think the increased power is subtle, then next time I take her out it blows me away!

    That's something I have always noticed about the 1.8T engines - sometimes they feel underpowered, sometimes overpowered - guess it's down to air temperature, fuel type, number of passengers and the driver's mood. You take the power for granted, you get used to it, and it becomes less noticeable.

    I hired a transit van the other day and drove it all weekend. When I got back in the S3 it was like driving a rocket!
  4. nlw73

    nlw73 Member

    dude bearing in mind you have about 25% of the OEM power on top for about 400 pounds then you got to be happy with that!!

    I would prefer a smoother power delivery as I went out in a chipped S3 before and it was all up front then died out.....

    in the end the turbo gave way as the map was causing spikes of 1.5 bar on engagement! ouch!!

    sounds like all are having fun with their re maps!!

    I missed the date sadly as was out of the country with work and other priorities.

    will re consider it for sure though.

  5. Masterm8fo

    Masterm8fo Warmonger

    Am very pleased with mine i must say
    fuel economy is ok if not improved with mixed hard driving and cruising 28+mpg

    the power is all there when needed and is much much better and more responsive - car should really have been like this as standard i think - acceleration is impressive and torque is felt at 3,000rpm

    overall - 470GBP very well spent imho !!!
  6. ritmark

    ritmark Member

    Hi All - follow up to my oringinal thoughts

    Been driving it for a couple of days now and I am starting to appreciate it more - I gave it a good hammering last night and it did make me smile

    Lots more torque - and its very impressive in the higher gears - In retrospect I am really pleased that the power is not that aggressive low down - the power is more continuous and in fact much better to drive.

    Makes me think I need the suspension doing now though LOL

    I think I was just in a strange mood Saturday - and I am chuffed with the results

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