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ST-3 insurance quote?

martyboy Mar 6, 2009

  1. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    i am awaiting the delivery of an ST-3, and was just wondering about how much my insurance would go up if or when i inform them of this little mod!
    if you have bought one of these, by how much did your insurance go up or did you just not mention it???
  2. Woob

    Woob Member

    Everyone's insurance will be completely different. go to confused and get quotes if you want an idea on price?
  3. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Just been through this last week mate, just declared REVO on my S3. I spent hours trying to get a sensible quote.
    On average my premium went from £400 to £900 !!

    Try the search engines but dont expect too much.

    Then try Adrian Flux.
    Then, Allen & Allen.

    Depending on age, some of the Companies that advertise in Max Power, Redline etc (no comments please, this practical advice!) it, can be useful.
    Some of the alledged specialists are simply not. For example Swintons `specialist` modified division wanted £1000!!. Idiots.

    When you have your best quote, ring Greenlight 01277 263 030. I eventually paid £580.

    Some of the guys there are pretty switched on when it comes to mods and they are trying to educate the underwriters that mild mods doesnt mean the driver is a reckless nob head.

    Although they werent the cheapest for a std car, they only added £50 for the remap.

    Good luck

  4. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    im paying £290 just now with admiral for my car as standard.
    i have not long bought it, and when phoning admiral to tell them i had bought it, they asked me if i knew of any modifications done to the car.
    i said i wasnt aware of any, but if there was any i didnt know of them.
    they then just upped my premium by £60 as i had already paid for the year for my last car.
    now what if my car had been re-mapped before i bought it!!! where would i stand now, is there any way they could know?
  5. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    am i to understand, that from the lack of response to this thread, most people have just not mentioned the use of the st-3?
    if i am wrong, please correct me!
    and also, is there any way the insurance company could tell if you have been using the st-3?
  6. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    what's an st-3 apart from a ford focus ;-)
  7. Lex

    Lex Member

    i remaping unit which comes with 3 maps

    eco, fastroad or race and your orginal

    ts just a unit which allows you to switch between maps and take them off

    its from chipped uk , i have 1 and they are fantasic

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