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Squeeking Rear Suspension driving me insane!

V.I.P_UAE Feb 25, 2009

  1. V.I.P_UAE

    V.I.P_UAE Member

    Evening Folks!

    had a nightmare with my S3 since owning it, ive had it 2 months and only got it back yesterday after having nearly every part from the Audi parts book changed, I can't even begin to list as there are 4 A4 sheets of paper with the parts I have just had changed, I dont think you would believe it!!

    Anyhooo ... 1 of my many parts that was F&%ked was suspension, creaking front on braking and then over any type of bump squeeking on the rear.. I mean realy squeeking..

    After picking it up its worse than I remembered :banghead:.. On the list of parts changed is "shocker Mountings" and "bushes" and he said there is nothing wrong with the shockers and springs and he has greased them..

    what I wanna know is - is he talking out of his ****?? Does it sound like I need new shockers??

    It is hot here in dubai th 40+ degree's sometimes, could they be dry and need more grease?
  2. leshkin

    leshkin Hold my beer... VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S3

    Sounds like you need a new mechanic. How difficult is it to find a squeak as bad as you say when you have the car on a ramp?

    Anyway, has he checked the bushes on the anti-roll bars? My rear was pretty bad,and I ended up replacing it.
  3. Roscoepeko

    Roscoepeko New Member

    I too have developed a sort of "creak" from rear suspension - I have tried pushing down each corner and nothin....it seems worst when the chassis is flexed or taking one whee down of a kerb - could this be the ainti roll bar bushes ? Can they be lubed or greased ?

    Many thanks

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