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Squeals & Clicks

imported_knightmare Apr 7, 2006

  1. I have an 1996 Audi A8 Quattro

    --- Problems ---
    I have recently noticed that my car seems to make a squeaking
    (squeak...squeak) noise while turning left. The noise increases as the accelerator is pressed. The noise is distinctly coming from the front right side. There is no noise while turning right though.

    Also there is a constant light clicking sound from the front of the car when driving on uneven terrain at slow speeds

    I also feel a slight wobble in the brake peedal while braking mostly at high speeds

    i dont know if all these three are somehow realted.

    --- Work done & Checks ---

    I have recently changed the control arms and have re-checked them to ensure there alright.

    I have also checked the shocks and mounting.

    I recently changed the brake pads but my mechanic mistakenly machined the rotors. (I was told later that german cars should not have this procedure done)which has resulted in a louq screech while braking along with the wobble.

    Can this be a result of the Wheel bearing or braking system components or something else?
  2. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member

    Hi! I see you've had more response over on the other site. Things are a bit too quiet on here /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif

    Aka SneakyMcC /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
  3. sjmmarsh

    sjmmarsh New Member

    Sounds like the wheel bearing could have some play - have you jacked the front up and seen whether there is ANY side to side play in the wheel when you wobble it?

    An alternative is a warped disk (would account for the clicking) but this is unlikely unless you have tracked the car and left the brakes on when you came in (heat transfer from the calipers to the disk can do this).

  4. Ive taken it to german car specialists and they claim that the noise and wobbl;e is due to the mistake made in machining the rotors. thi shas resulted in pits and cuts leading to an uneven surface adn resulting in the noise and possible the wobble.

    They also suspect loose braking components to be a possible cause of the wobble.

    Although tis squeakign noise is crazy.

    Someone was mentioning that it coul also be related to teh tie rod ends
  5. Floob

    Floob Member

    Other site?
  6. Pimpster

    Pimpster Rolling Thunder...

    Probably TSN? It's the most active A8/S8 forum.
  7. Floob

    Floob Member

    Ah - found it thanks - not too bad for A3 stuff either, thats what I'm after mainly.

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