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squealing aux belt, any way of telling if its the tensioner or alternator clutch??

Gog Oct 23, 2011

  1. Gog

    Gog New Member


    my 2005 2.0 a4 tdi 60k miles has developed an aux belt squeal whilst steering at low speeds and when at full lock. theres no loss of pas fluid and no leaks around the pump or rack.

    from what i've read it seems that the tensioner and the alternator pulley are the most likely culprits.

    anyone know of any tips to narrow it down to one or the other?

    also is it possible to just remove the front grill and rads to get to the tensioner if it is that? i don't have a manual atm as up to now we've only had to service it which has all been at main dealer to keep up the stamp.

    any recommendations on a decent manual for it?

    many thanks for your time.
  2. johnny161171

    johnny161171 Member VCDS Map User

    Hi mate take the belt off the alternator at the alternator and see how quick the alternator pulley is spinning this is a common fault on Audi's for them to sieze up i see your car is a 2005 so i guess that if you have been serviceing with a main dealer all the time then they would of changed the tensioner at some point as that is a serviceable item and the alternator pulley isn't, you will need to have the alternator pulley replaced only and you will need a buzz gun to get the pulley off the alternator. Haynes manual's are pretty good for basic know how.
  3. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    changed a few weak belt tensioners in the past could be the culprit... usually around £60-70

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