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Squeaky window fix...

VAG-Slag Nov 8, 2013

  1. VAG-Slag

    VAG-Slag Well-Known Member

    Right, so over the summer my drivers side window started squeaking in the most annoying fashion possible and has only got worse since... Tried squirting a bit of silicone spray round the seals but this did nothing. Upon doing a search there are a few threads with people describing the same problem all with a list of people also compiling about the same problem but ultimately no one with any solutions. So I thought I'd have a stab my self!

    Firstly, here's a short vid of exactly how annoying the noise was:

    !WARNING! Some viewers may find these noises distressing!

    See!? . .

    Right, and here's how I fixed it... First, remove the door card. To do this remove the hidden screw in the door puller, slip out the insert in the handle and remove the 2 screws behind it. Remove the 2 screws either end at the top and then lift the door card out. Detach all the cables and etc a put some where safe... You will also have to remove the window switch so you can actually operate the window!

    Now, see that little blue runner I zoom in on in the video? There's a wire that runs up and down with that which goes round a pulley at the top just behind the door pin... Cake the wire in a thick grease (I actually uses vaseline) when the window is up and down, also take the inside window seal out to allow access to this pulley and use a scraper (knife will do) to smear grease into this pulley while going up and down with the window. Wind the window fully up and down a few times and that should be the end of your squeaky window woes!

    Hope this helps as there seemed to be quite a few people with the same problem!
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  2. pol

    pol Member

    For anyone who finds this and the above does not solve your issue, I found on mine it was the actual motor making the squeal noise. I would not have guessed that and replaced the entire regulator first. Still making noise!

    I would advise anyone trying to track this issue down to whip off the motor if you have the door card off (just 3 torx screws) and operate the motor when it is removed from the regulator but still connected to the wiring harness. If it's noisy, there is your problem. If not, look at the mechanism and seals.

    No amount of grease was going to stop my motor squealing. I had to order a used one from ebay.


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  3. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    Good info there you chaps, good job.

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