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Squeaky Clutch on an A4 (96)

imported_bpascua Jul 14, 2004

  1. imported_bpascua

    imported_bpascua Guest

    Hello All,

    Its me again!! Question, everytime I press my clutch I can hear a creak/squeak, this is regardless of the engine being on or off. I assumed that there would be a pivotal spring under there concealed that needs lubricating. My mechanic tells me there isnt and its likely to be the clutch slave cylinder as thats what the clutch pedal pokes into. Could this be the squeak/creak ?

    Thanks for all the advice...



  2. If I'm correct, your year of A4 has a cable-operated clutch, so it may be that this has something to do with the squeaking.

    If you can find where the slave cylinder sits, get a mate to operate the clutch a few times and have a listen. You may find the noise is coming from somewhere else, so this narrows the search down.

    Basically, you need to get an idea of all the possible causes of the squeak, then isolate each. This way you should be able to find the culprit through elimination. This is often the only technique to use when hunting for the cause of a problem on any car.

    Good luck.

  3. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    my truck's clutch does the same thing, i found the best, easiest, quickest way of solving this problem, just turn the music up louder till the squeek gets drownded out

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