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Squeaking/Creaking Rear Coilovers

poli84 Sep 9, 2013

  1. poli84

    poli84 Member

    I've have my PSS10's installed for over a year but in the last 2 months, the rear have developed a low speed creaking/squeaking sound.
    This is low speed manoeuvres, taking off in particular, slowing down and over angulated driveways.

    Started off very faint and on the odd occasion, now it's all the time and very loud.

    Sound appears to be coming from right hand side rear in particular.

    I've taken the car to my mechanic and had it up on the hoist.
    We checked the complete underneath and everything is tight and we gave all moving parts a good lubrication.

    Has anyone else experienced this rear coilover creak and what did you do to rectify?
    It's really getting to me and has ruined my driving experience.

    Thanks in advance.

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