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Squeaking brakes!!!!!!!!!!!

stevieyid Mar 10, 2008

  1. stevieyid

    stevieyid Member

    My mate has a really bad squealing from his brakes. He hs changed the front and rear discs and pads but still this has got rid of it. The pads were copper slipped everywhere the pad touches the caliper and the edges were filed down but still the squesling. Do the standard audi pads have anything to do with it?
  2. s3ollie

    s3ollie Member

    i had/have this problem with my brakes. was advised by the peeps on here to try BMW grease called plastilube i think. it worked well (better that copper) to begin with but i do get random squeaks here and there getting worse as time goes on and i only did it a few weeks ago.
  3. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    when I did my discs and pads the pads stuck in place with a sticky pad all over the rear of the brake pad so just copper slipped the edges.

    don`t know if yours were the same ????
  4. stevieyid

    stevieyid Member

    Ill try the BMW platilube and see if that helps. I was told that the OEM Audi ones do cause squealing on the S3 sometimes, something to do witht he compound. Has anyone else heard this?
  5. steve1975l

    steve1975l Member

    Mine squeaked when I had them changed and I was meaning to go back and get the garage to look at them but never bothered. After about a couple of thousand miles it stopped.
  6. spiker

    spiker usually growling at something

    Stupidly my local mot garage offered to replace my front pads and discs - what a pain - 6 weeks on still squealing and after 3 return visits i have given up

    Next time will buy the parts myself and take them to a different garage to be fitted

    Incidentally - If I remove the wheels which parts do i grease ?
  7. dan_a3

    dan_a3 Member

    Some pads just squeak, nothing you can do. If you want to copaslip them, copaslip the back of pad and the ears at either end that slide in and out of the caliper.
  8. s3_tny

    s3_tny Member

    I also get this on my rear brakes and are all genuine audi parts but sometimes they even squel slightly

    while just driving and not even pushing the brakes,

    but everytime i take them off and grease them then they're ok for a few weeks then it all starts again

    so recently changed them for some bosch ones and were fine for about 8 weeks but now starting to come back

    so i'm baffled what to try next GRRRRRRR!

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