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Squeak when I start the car

Amchlolor Apr 26, 2007

  1. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I get a pretty loud squeaking when I turn the car over now.
    Pulley or something ?
    Trivial,or indicative of something more serious waiting to happen ?
    In other words,I'm trying to avoid yet another trip to the dealer.
  2. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Mine had a squeak from the engine bay about every 30 secs at idle. Took it in and they said they'd had a guy with the same problem recently with an A6. After much investigation on his they decided to change the water pump which fixed it. They therefore changed my water pump and it has been quiet since.

    I initially thought it was a pulley\belt but clearly not in my case.
  3. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I've never heard the squeak when the car is running,just when it turns over.
    Loudness varies from day to day,but always worse first thing in't morning.
    Combined with the knocking from the rear silencer,my car sound like Chitty Chitty bang bang being started.

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