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Squeak/Squeal when wheels turn??

paulgo6 Dec 19, 2009

  1. paulgo6

    paulgo6 New Member

    Hey guys, just over the last few days my a3 1.6 has developed squeaking/squealing noise thats comes and goes and can go from being barely noticeable to really annoying even with the windows up but only when im driving but stops when stationary and pressing the brakes no difference either. Its not just when turning corners as its loud when driving straight when ive noticed it most, if any1 can help me out with this then its much appreciated thanks
  2. ben_turbo1

    ben_turbo1 Member

    Possibly low brake pads? Think they have metal bits built into the brake pads that make that noise when they are low. This could be complete **** and sorry about my poor description.

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