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Spruce up job

jibbajabba Jul 12, 2007

  1. jibbajabba

    jibbajabba Member

    Hi all,

    Have decided to keep my trusty A4 TDi 130 and am now looking to replace brakes (pads and rims) and the suspension to giv it back some life after 80k miles.

    In regard to suspension, what do I need to replace, bearing in mind I have a problem with pulling to the left and steering vibration.

    Is it just shocks or should I replace control arms and other bits?

    No looking to lower as it's a sport already, just replace with quality parts.

    Also, anywhere in Northern Ireland that would do the whole job for me, rather than me buying parts and trying to get a mechanic in the republic to fit these items, although that might be the better option?

    Cheers Guys

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