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Springs or Coilovers

lucas88 Mar 2, 2008

  1. lucas88

    lucas88 New Member

    Firstly, hi guys. I've recently acquired myself an automobile of the illustrious four ring variety. Never posted on here before, some may know me from vwaudi forum, although I've only just entered the fray there aswell. Big time newbie. (don't know if these are rival forums and I will be prosecuted for mentioning it).:no:

    Anyway, to the point;

    I've just bought a set of H&R springs second hand and I was wondering how difficult it would be to fit them myself. Should I give it a go or should I take them somewhere?

    Now more importantly, I really fancy a set of coilovers for my B6 but is it really worth it? Should I just stick with the springs or make the larger investment in coilovers?

    Cheers in advance.


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