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Springs and shocks for B6/B7 A4 saloon

Triple.O.G Aug 4, 2011

  1. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Active Member

    These are definately for sale but not for a couple of weeks so just gauging interest at the moment.

    I bought this setup originally as an AP spring and damper set with 40mm lower springs for the front and 30mm lower for the rear.

    I have since changed the rear springs for Weitec 50mm springs so the car sits lower and much more level.

    this kit was put on my car in january and the rear springs were added in March and cost me roughly £450 all in.

    For sale at £300, is in 100% perfect condition, no bumps, scrapes, rattles or clangs, is much more comfortable than std S-line set up but firm and sprty aswell. all in all a very very good set up.

    The reason for selling them is im going back to coilovers as i want to go much lower.

    £300 Collected

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