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springs........advice please.

vw754 Oct 23, 2007

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    My A4 2001 TDI 130 (B6) is standard 130 not even an se.

    I have been offered 'GMBH' springs off a 2004 A4 TDI 130,and was wondering if any of you guys know how low these springs are?

    Also how low will my car sit when these are fitted and what the ride will be like?

    Will there be alot of difference in height/drive compared to the original springs?

    Would the GMBH springs be the same height as the springs fitted to the tdi sport?

    I was told if i were to fit shorter springs to my original shocks i was best trim the original bump stops or replace with shorter ones otherwise the car would just be sitting on the bumpstops. TRUE OR FALSE?
  2. 46TheDoctor

    46TheDoctor Valentino Rossi A.K.A The Doctor

    Gmbh springs are TDI sport springs and are 25mm lower than standard a4 suspension, they will make the ride a little firmer for the better and you wont need to interfere with bumpstops etc as you are not lowering eccessively, it will sit as a sport will.:icon_thumright:
  3. bubstar

    bubstar Member

    I'm not sure how the standard dampers will cope with the GmbH sport springs though.

    You might be better off in getting one of the spring/damper kits with a 30mm drop from KW/Koni/Weitec etc

    My car now rides better on KW V1 coilvers than it did on the S-Line Quattro GmbH (1BV) suspension, but the damping control and handling have increased considerably :thumbsup:

    The KW V1 set up is fantastic for the road :anbet:

  4. james0808

    james0808 Active Member

    Agree with Bubstar,the standard dampers are ****,much better to get a proper matched kit and a rear RS4 RARB.
    You can trim about an inch off the bumpstops or you can buy new ones,i think koni sell them.

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