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spring recommendation

plezz Sep 15, 2011

  1. plezz

    plezz Member

    Hi all, i wondered if i might be able to pick a few brains on here as I'm looking at upgrading my springs to lower my A3.

    Its a '60 plate 1.6 TDI sportback SE.

    at the moment its on standard shocks and springs, and I wanted to lower it to sport springs - about 15mm. I'm not after a really really low look, as I have to use my car for visiting customers etc. and work won't be impressed if i turned up on air...

    s line from what i've heard is too hard, plus i would probably need to change my shocks to cope with the shorter springs, so sport seems the answer.

    but there don't seem to be too many sets of sport springs in relatively new condition. As mine is an 8p3 i don't want to put in sport springs that are at the end of their life span, as I won't get any mileage out of them and have to consider reliabilty for work.

    so does anyone out there know of a decent enough spring that will give me at least the drop of sport or maybe a little more - as long as it won't majorly affect the lifetime of the shocks? I wouldnt go lower than s line as I want it to look pretty OEM after its finished.

    oh yeah, and my budget isn't exactly enormous to make things harder! :shutup2:


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