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Spraying Front single grill and chrome surround?

Seaneylad Sep 14, 2010

  1. Seaneylad

    Seaneylad Member

    Do i buy a new grille and surround on ebay already black setting me back 100+. or do i spray it?

    ive sprayed other parts on my old fiesta, grills etc, and they turned out ok, i know alot of people say they chip easy, i had no problems on my zetec s fiesta. are the audi grills and chrome surround just as easy? or is it more likely to chip, all advice is helpful. thanks sean
  2. jimmy77

    jimmy77 Member

    you will prob find that the ford stuff is cheaper stuff and will key and paint much easyer! i cleaned my front grill with fine wire wool and it came up mint, chrome is hard stuff and you wont get a good key to it so thats why it might chip and flake off! you could etch prime it first and that might help!!
  3. Seaneylad

    Seaneylad Member

    hmm yes the ford stuff was cheaper, and i can see what you mean it proberly keyed alot better, turned out well though.
    i might do do a little overtime or save for a few weeks, and buy on the net, get one for around 100-120 then atleast when i sell the motor i can swap to all orignal parts and flog the rest on cheap, il have a lot later, as the grill is a smooth texture, unlikes fords
  4. chrissy1502002

    chrissy1502002 Member

    I have had my S-Line grill sprayed gloss black and kept the chrome surround. It was done by a good bodyshop in Portsmouth, and so far i have not had any chips on it.

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