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Spotted: Nogaro Blue S3 on M25 on Sunday morning

marctwo Jun 21, 2010

  1. marctwo

    marctwo Member

    My wife was driving our gray S4 Avant and you followed for a number of miles. She wanted to say thank you for your considerate driving and letting her out to overake.

    Nice car by the way, it's good to see some people actually keep their cars clean (unlike me!).
  2. GeneralWest

    GeneralWest Member

    That was me, on the way to Bath to pick up a car for my Dad. I always let fellow Audi drivers out, if you'd been in a BMW, no chance :).

    There was a black 8P S3 in front of you aswell, thought you might have been together so I thought I'd join the convoy, but he was long gone by the time I caught you up.

    Nice looking S4 mate.
  3. marctwo

    marctwo Member

    I had a feeling you might be on here. Something to do with all the Audi-Sport stickers!

    The other S3 was nothing to do with us, but it was fun being in an S car convoy for a while.

    I used to have an 8L S3 which I really miss, but there was no way we were going to fit a double buggy in the back. Good excuse to get an S4 I guess.

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