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Sportback starting to irritate

tibbs Jun 25, 2006

  1. tibbs

    tibbs Member

    Here's what up with it after 1 year and 20k
    Rattle on drivers door when driving
    Rattle in passenger side dash when driving
    Rattle from seatbelt pillars when driving
    Rattle from drivers door handle when closing door
    Rattle from drivers door when closing door with window down
    Rattle from somewhere around boot/rear bumper when closing boot
    Rattle from passenger rear quarter panel when closing rear passenger door
    Window washer level indicator not working

    I'd a fiat for 6 years and the piece of sh*t didn't have as many rattles :banghead:
  2. daveflynn

    daveflynn Member

    A3 3.2v2 manual

    Creak from driver window (starting to drive me mad)
    Creak from passenger window (Starting to drive wife mad which is even worse than above!)
    Rattle from handbrake button

    With regard to the washer fluid level my oil level indicator told me it was low, which it wasn't. Poked around at some of the wiring looms in the engine bay, i.e pushing the connections back together and problem solved.

    I had a 20 year old capri that didn't creak as much! (got a bit drafty when the floor kept rotting through tho' :) )
  3. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I can think of umpteen cars (an A4 and a supposedly 'badly built' Alfa included) that have given me less hassle and,even when operating correctly,more driving enjoyment than my A3.
    Indeed,I try not to use it these days.
    I drive the wife's new-style Clio when I can,or take the bike when weather permits.
    My car was offered to two 'new starts' in the company last week.
    Both took a drive,and both said "no ta".
    One commented that the DSG gearbox was too jerky for his liking,and went for a 2.0tdi Passatt,and the other just said he didn't think it was worth paying the extra tax on (he'd be taxed on £24400,instead of the £17k for the Bora he chose instead).
    Interesting that neither felt the car worthy of it's price tag.
    So I'm stuck with the bleeding thing for another 18 months...
    BOOOOO !

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