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Sportback Roof Bars/Box options

Mr_P Sep 7, 2007

  1. Mr_P

    Mr_P New Member

    Hi, my dealer is useless at getting back to me, so I wondered if anyone here knows a bit about adding roof bars & roof boxes?

    I've got the Open Air sunroof thing but opted to not have the roof rails, as the original demo dealer lead me to believe that the things that that roof bars go onto (feet, maybe?) clip onto the roof when the doors are open.

    But since then I've noticed that one of my neighbours has bought a kit which just clips onto the roof rails (which I didn't order - doh!)

    Popped into Halfords last night and the guy there thought that with those types of glass sunroof, no roof bars were recommended at all, due to
    possibility of the glass getting damaged...

    So a bit confused really - anyone care to shed any light please?
  2. redbutcher

    redbutcher Member

    Not really answering your question, but if you want info about what will fit your car, could I recommend roofbox.co.uk. I got my roof bars, roof box and cycle carriers from them for my Golf and they were very helpful. They have a database where you can put your vehicle details in and it will then tell you what will fit your car.

    Here's the link to the A3 Sportback: clicky

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