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Sportback Rear Bumpers

waqi Jan 30, 2010

  1. waqi

    waqi Member

    Right, after looking at Khalils post on this thread, and speaking to N8, I decided to see if I could put together a collection of all sportback bumpers to make it easier to identify and upgrade :idea:

    This is my first time uploading pictures so hopefully it works, and hopefully I've got the correct picture!

    These should be in order of date of production and only include sport back (5 door)

    1 - Pre-facelift A3, has the bump strips

    2 - Pre-facelift A3 S-line, has the smooth bumper

    3 - Facelift A3, very similar to the pre-facelift S-line, not sure about the differences myself

    4 - Facelift A3 S-line, can someone confirm this because its the only picture I've seen. Same upper bumper as 2 and 3 but a nice valence

    5 - S3 Sportback, Same as 2,3, and 4 but with a different valence again

    Hope this makes life a bit more easier, anyone with more knowledge please explain how to upgrade from one to another, and use the numbers instead of names when referring please
  2. ryanstewart9

    ryanstewart9 Member

    It's nice to see yet again that I have the wrong bumper on my car :blownose:

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010

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